IBÉRICA DE ESPONJAS VEGETALES SL, (“Iberian plant-based sponges Ltd” – in English), is an agroforestry business based in Galicia, Spain. They have been growing and cultivating loofah since 2009. The loofah plant belongs to the CUCURBITACEAE family, (the same family as zucchini, courgette, squash, pumpkin, gourd, cucumber and melon). They have developed their own genetically unique loofah varieties that offer very high quality plant-based fibre.

Ibérica de esponjas vegetales company is the largest loofah grower in Europe and they have been pioneers in plant-based sponge cultivation, processing and development.

Their products are grown and manufactured in the Galician-North Portuguese European region. Their research & development centre is located in the thermal spa town of Caldas de Reis, Pontevedra, Spain.

All the loofah sponge products are treated with the local natural spring water at 43ºC, this makes them ideal for using to exfoliate both when wet and dry.


  • Their crops are local and reasonably sized, grown close to the final processing and treatment plant, in the Pontevedra province of northern Spain. Their harvests are produced without the need for any chemicals.
  • They don’t use herbicides or even any other permitted plant health products. In addition, all the materials used in these plantations are biodegradable and/or recyclable.
  • 100% free of bleach and chlorine.
  • Unlike other loofah that is cleaned with caustic soda, these loofahs are picked by hand in order to ensure they are picked at just the right point of ripening, which makes cleaning easier. The process of emptying and cleaning is done only using mechanical techniques (rather than relying on chemicals) and natural spring water (at 43ºC), which adds natural salts and minerals to the loofah that are beneficial for our health.
  • The production of their loofahs is environmentally friendly, in contrast synthetic sponges are either derived from petroleum or cellulose. The handling of the loofah is mechanical, resulting in a large energy saving.
  • Ibérica de esponjas vegetales loofahs also come with special packaging. The products are delivered to us packed in bulk, using paper packing tape. And when it comes to other packaging, there is no need for any extra filling, and the labels, boxes and product sleeves (when shops request these) are made from paper and/or cardboard, free of all plastic.

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